Our normal business hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The Court is available for emergency removal requests 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Juvenile Court proceedings are not held on holidays, but Juvenile Court offices remain open and in operation.

COVID-19/Judicial Emergency Information: Pursuant to the Declared Judicial Emergency resulting from the transmission of COVID-19 and pursuant to the Order of the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Juvenile Court is OPEN. Full details are available on the home page.

Phone: (706) 789-3609

Email (Non-Emergency Only!)

The Juvenile Courts of the Northern Circuit operate in five counties in Northeast Georgia, you should contact the Clerk of Court in the county where your case is pending, Clerks will not have information on cases pending in a different county. Clerks may be contacted as noted below:

Elbert County Clerk of Court: 12 S. Oliver St. PO Box 619 Elberton, GA 30645 (706) 283-2005

Franklin County Clerk of Court: 9592 Lavonia Rd. PO Box 70 Carnesville, GA 30521 (706) 384-2514

Hart County Clerk of Court: 185 W. Franklin St. PO Box 386 Hartwell, GA 30643 (706) 376-7189

Madison County Clerk of Court: 91 Albany Ave. PO Box 247 Danielsville, GA 30633 (706) 795-6310

Oglethorpe County Clerk of Court: 111 W. Main St. PO Box 68 Lexington, GA 30648 (706) 743 5731

If you are looking for the Judge's Office:

You can mail us directly at:

Northern Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court
PO Box 318
Ila, GA 30647

Do NOT send information about your case directly to the Judge's office, it will not be read. It will be filed with the Clerk of Court and a copy sent to all parties. Any information sent directly to the Judge must be shared with all parties of the case simultaneously.