Our 14th Annual Law Day Essay is closed, please check back in 2020 for our 15th Annual Law Day Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce our Fourteenth (14th) Annual Law Day Essay Contest (2019 Law Day Essay Contest) .

The theme for Law Day in 2019 is Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society. Focusing on these cornerstones of representative government allows us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution promises: "the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity." Our question this year is in keeping with this theme.

Our Law Day Essay Contest is designed to encourage young people to think about the role of law in society and how law affects their everyday lives, even at a young age. Local Juvenile Court Judge Warren Caswell has sponsored this contest each year since opening his practice in Madison County and has continued the tradition throughout his service on the bench. Law Day, May 1st of each year, was first proclaimed by President Eisenhower in 1958. Law Day is a day of national dedication to the principle of government under law so that we all can strengthen our American heritage of liberty, justice and equality under the law.

The 2019 Northern Judical Circuit Juvenile Court Fourteenth Annual Law Day Essay Contest is open to students in the 9th-12th grades residing in Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison & Oglethorpe counties. Students who are in the care of the Northern Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court are also eligible regardless of where they are currently placed. Essays will be judged primarily on how well the student supports his/her arguments. Additionally, essays will be judged based upon format, clarity, style, creativity and overall effort. As always essays will not be judged based upon the ultimate answer or position taken.

Background Information for Essay:

On December 24 & 25, 2018 all major news media outlets in the United States were reporting the same story with regard to President Donald Trump. The facts were that the President was safely ensconced in the White House and was spending Christmas alone. They also reported that First Lady Melania Trump was with their minor child at their personal home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. This was an elaborate hoax, by the government against the media, to protect the actual whereabouts of the President and First Lady of the United States. Actually, via Air Force One, the two were enroute for the Middle East to vist U.S. troops stationed in a combat zone. Before they were even half way to their destination a "plane spotter" noticed Air Force One flying over his backyard, photographed the plane and posted on social media sites that the President was in fact on the move, and likely on his way to make a surprise visit to that very combat zone. Some believed this to be a grave security threat to the President's personal safety, others disagreed.


Considering the above background information, compose an essay answering this question: Given the ability of social media to rapidly distribute information of a potentially secret or unsafe nature; how would you revise the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and why? If you would not revise the First Amendment, explain your resons for not making any changes.

Entrants should choose a definite position pertaining to the topic and write a persuasive essay for their chosen position. The essay should attempt to balance their desired goal with the direction of our law and Constitution.

First Prize is a $500.00 cash scholarship while the runner-up will receive a $200 Cash Scholarship. Essays must be postmarked by April 15, 2019 to be eligible for consideration. The winners will be announced on May 1st 2019. The winning essays will be published on our website and the manuscript will be submitted to the student's local newspaper, in addition to the cash prize. Additional information on the contest can be found here: Announcement

All entries must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form available here.
Entry Form


The purpose of the Law Day Essay Contest is to encourage students to think about the role of law in American Government and how they interact with law on a daily basis- even as youths. The winning entries are posted below in Adobe pdf format.

2019 Winners

1st Place Miss Ellie Brown

2nd Place Mr. Erik Blomberg

2018 Winners

1st Place Miss Selena Simmons

2nd Place Alden Loftis

2017 Winners

1st Place Miss Elizabeth Johnson

2nd Place Mr. Jackson Caruso

2016 Winners

1st Place Miss Samantha Kincaid

2nd Place Mr. Eric Whitmire

2015 Winners

1st Place Mr. Andrew S. Zemaitis

2nd Place Miss Hannah Smith

2014 Winners

1st Place Mr. Zachary Tellano

2nd Place Mr. Andrew S. Miller

2013 Winners

1st Place Mr. Andrew S. Miller

2nd Place Mr. Zachary Tellano

2012 Winners

1st Place Miss Amanda Eubanks

2nd Place Miss Hannah Smith

2011 Winners

1st Place Miss Amanda Eubanks

2nd Place Miss Madeline Yearwood

2009 Winners

1st Place Mr. Hoyt Henshaw

2nd Place Miss Collin Bryant

2008 Winners

1st Place Mr. Dallas Porterfield

2nd Place Miss Kalie Hall