Here you will find some forms which have been approved for use in the Juvenile Court of the Northern Circuit:

The Quarterly Status Report is to be filed by Guardians appointed for Minor Wards by the Juvenile Court, either permanent or temporary. It should be filed with the Juvenile Court every quarter (90 days/3months) and a separate status report should be filed for each child, even if the information is the same for each child.

Quarterly Status Report to be filed by Guardians of Minor Wards

If you are seeking a form endorsement for use in juvenile court you will find one below:

Endorsement Upon Petition

Pursuant to Uniform Juvenile Court Rule 20, the Northern Circuit Juvenile Court published Standing Order 2020-007 regarding the practice of shackling juveniles in the courtroom. The Order, which includes instructions for requesting a review of the need/necessity of shackling are included in the Order:

UJCR 20 Standing Order

Below are Uniform Forms approved by the Georgia Council of Juvenile Court Judges which you may find useful:

Juvenile Delinquency Complaint

Juvenile Dependency Complaint

Child in Need of Services Complaint

Uniform Juvenile Court Rule 13.1 Request Form

Neither the Juvenile Court nor the Clerk of Court can advise you which form is correct. Neither the Juvenile Court nor the Clerk of Court can advise you which form to use for your specific case. The form for your specific case may not be provided above. If you have any questions about which form to use or how to fill out the form you should speak with an attorney of your choice. As the Juvenile Court is prohibited by law from answering legal questions or giving legal advice, the court encourages all persons with questions about their legal rights or the legal process to speak to a knowledgeable attorney of their choice.