This is the homepage of the Northern Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court. This court serves the children and families of Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison and Oglethorpe Counties in Georgia. The page is currently being updated in order to deliver better and more accurate information to the court's constituents and stakeholders. Thank you for your patience.
Hon. Warren C. Caswell
Judge, Juvenile Courts
Northern Judicial Circuit
PO Box 318
Ila, GA 30647

Phone: (706)-789-3609
Serving children and families in Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison & Oglethorpe Counties in Northeast Georgia.

The Juvenile Court generally hears the following types of cases: Dependency, Delinquency, Traffic, Termination of Parental Rights, CHINS (Children in Need of Services), Emancipation, Parental Notifcation, as well as properly transferred Guardianship and Custody cases.

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